April 20, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy-Week 16

This week has flown by and my happies this week focus largely on spring and good weather with a little volunteering thrown in.

First off, we are finally seeing signs of spring.  Beau and I pass this bush on our walks and I think it's a Rose of Sharon but I should probably do some research to confirm that.  The buds are getting really fat and growing quickly so it should be bursting into bloom shortly.
I'm happy we detoured down a different street on Tuesday.  We came a cross this wonderful field of naturalized spring blooms.  Isn't a great picture?
Wednesday brought both warmth and clear blue skies. This is a tree silhouette where I work.  We still need the green leaves but there's hope they will be arriving soon.  The temperature photo is from my car dashboard.

Yesterday I flew south for some work related education.  My trip down did not go quite as smoothly as planned due to some weather.  I ended taking a slight detour west and north of where I needed to be but I did eventually (very early this morning) end up at my intended destination.

And although morning came VERY early this morning by the time I got to bed but it was worth getting up early to participate in a volunteer event that helped out an organization providing education and other support services for homeless children in the area I am visiting.  We were a great team and we were all happy when our time was done due to the sense of having done something good for others.


P.J. said...

It's always good when we are doing good for others! What a wonderful feeling. happy weekend.

Barb said...

That was a great thing you did. I'm so happy you are seeing signs of spring!!

Zurainny Ismail said...

How wonderful to read about your wonderful experience and sights. The field of spring blooms really are pretty. It's very nice of you to do volunteer work. Keep it going!:D