April 12, 2013

April TUSAL, Snow and TGIF

So I'm a few days late but here is my TUSAL post for April.  Lots of blue at the top of the pile due to my work on my HAED Story Keeper piece.  The lighting is a bit yellow as I took it just a few minutes in the living room and my lighting is really bad in that room.  But I think you get the idea of my progress on this oh-so-easy TUSAL thing!
And as a result of the blue at the top, here is an updated photo of my HAED piece as of the completion of last night's stitching episode. I've almost completed a 2nd column and am very happy with that.  Stretch your neck to the right everyone.... and back to center!  LOL

We had snow today and it was quite depressing to see the white stuff coming down on April 12th even though it won't stay long.  But it made for a grey, cold day and a very un-spring like feeling.  I think it's the latest snow I've experienced since moving to Maine although I did see snow on May 18th one year when I lived in NH so it's not unheard of to get it this far into spring-just unfortunate.  Hope it's much warmer where you are and that you send us some of that great spring weather really soon please! TGIF

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