April 2, 2013

A Plan for April

As I was sitting down to watch The Voice last night, I finally made up my mind regarding my WIPocolypse projects.  For the month of April, I decided to give each project one week's focus.  So last night I put more time into my CHS Alphabet piece with Block L.  I;m confident I can finish this block and start the next before Sunday.

On the 7th I plan to pick up my HAED Story Keep and work on that for a solid week.  Here is where I left off the last time I worked on it.
 The 14th I will pick up With Thy Needle & Thread's Anne Sandles - there is a lot to go on this one.  It's loaded sideways but I think you can see there's a lot to do!
And then on the 21st I will swing back around to CHS Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow and see if I can't finish off another block.
Definitely a workable plan I think.  I have some work related travel in the middle of the month so it may be that Anne Sandles goes with me and I make a bit more progress on her.  We shall see!

1 comment:

Barb said...

Looks like a good plan. I tend to do one thing at a time but I have several things that I need to work on so maybe I'll try your idea.