November 16, 2005


That is the sound of relief in having mailed off my SBEBB Christmas ornament today! I took the day off today as my boss wasn't going to be in the office. That gave me some extra time to wrap up my goodies and take them to the post office. They should arrive at their destination towards the end of next week I'm thinking! I just realized that I neglected to take any photos - duh! Hopefully the recipient will be able to post a picture.

Being in exchanges is fabulous but also a bit stressful as you are stitching to a deadline. The rewards are wonderful because you get a great gift in exchange but I must be mindful of managing the number of exchanges I sign up for as my enthusiasm can get me involved in way too many projects with deadlines and take the fun out of stitching. I know others have recently commented about this on their blogs as well. I signed up for another round of the Legacy sampler house exchanges and am happy to say that I should finish my stitching this evening and I plan to go straight to the finishing this weekend so that I can mark that off my list well before the Dec. 10th mail date.

Regarding comments to my blog, thank you to everyone who takes the time to write a note. I forget to mention it often enough but I do appreciate it! And it's wonderful to meet some new people along with those who are becoming wonderful friends. Carol, we will get together soon I hope! And Anna I do believe Colonial Needleworks will stay open around the holidays. They don't have a website as yet but you can call them at 603-472-8828 to check. They are down by the Ethan Allen store on 101 in Bedford - in the same building as a bridal salon. It's well worth going to visit.

This week I'm also UFO stitching again on BOAF Happy Hearts. Here is a photo at the start of my week on Sunday. I plan to work on this through Saturday so I'll post my progress again this Sunday.


Danielle said...

I totally agree with you about those exchanges! Once they are in the mail, and you have received yours all is well. If course while you are stitching crazily to meet the deadline you are thinking whay did I do this??? I am looking forward to getting all caught up on mine. Very soon I hope!

Joanie said...

Me too! I love the exchanges but I am limiting myself next year to only a couple well spaced out ones. I like the Halloween and Christmas exchanges best. *My* stitching is on hold until the Christmas holiday. Then I have plans to finish a Wip or 2, the closest ones to being finished. That's the plan right now anyway!

Lnanaa said...

Hi, what does UFO means?

I can see how those exchanges could be addicting. I haven't signed up for one since I am fairly new and low on finances, but I hope to sign up sometimes next year.

I did sign up for a charity stitch for children with cancer. So it's a start. :)

Patti said...

Lauren, a UFO is an Un Finished Object and I have lots of them!