November 22, 2005

B is for Bird

Here is my progress on my CHS Alphabet piece. This chart is working up quite quickly. I hope to start filling in the bottom area tomorrow as I'm too tired to stitch over one this evening. I went to a lovely birthday dinner for my boss's DH and a glass of wine means no energy to stitch. Probably better off that way as I hate frogging over one!

I've also finally decided on a finishing technique for my Legacy exchange piece and the front is done. Now I need to go through my stash and get another piece of fabric for the backing so I can personalize it and begin putting things together. I will probably do that sometime during the upcoming long weekend. I may leave work early tomorrow and get a head start on stitching.


Joanie said...

That's really cool, Patti! I admire your patience for over one! I am going to make that Mary Mack pin that Chelle posted on her blog. She's got a SAL going for it.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your stitching, I am planning on spending a lot of time with mine over this long weekend!

Nicki said...

It's lovely Patti! I love seeing this grow letter by letter :)

Lelia said...

Very Nice Bird -- saw the 'weather' out East on the news ... Yuk! Take care in that snow and ice.