January 15, 2006

Baby, it's cold outside!

As I was coming back from my weekend at my sister's in NH, I drove through town so I could see what the temperature reading was....9 degrees! And that doesn't count in the wind which has been really nasty today. We had a bit of snow overnight and this morning but it was such small crystals that they didn't amount to much. Right now there is a gorgeous pink sunset and I've noticed it's staying lighter longer each day so that's a good thing!

Here is my progress on my needleroll UFO after one week. I'm pretty pleased with how much I accomplished. I will put it away until next month's UFO stitching week with LAS and pick up my CHS Alphabet piece this week. I also finished the frame for the back piece of my Valentine's exchange. Now I just need to decide on the personalization for it and get that stitched. I also must get cracking on my first birthday exchange piece for 2006 as it will need to be mailed out by the first weekend in February.

I have decided to start over on my Miss Mary Mack tin pin SAL because the 40 ct Sheep's Straw I started on is just too tightly woven. I am switching to a 40ct R&R Lt. Capacino instead. It's got a bit more of an open weave and should be easier to work with than the other. I'm going to stick with the WDW Onyx as I like the color against the fabric. Hopefully I will have some progress to show you tomorrow.


Carol said...

Oh my - your needleroll is looking stunning!!!! It is very cold and windy here too - I want that warm weather back :-)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Grew up in New Hampshire and always dream of moving back one day but it was about 50 degrees here today compared to 9 so I may rethink this. The needleroll work is great. I love the colors.

Von said...

Hi Carol! Sending you some warm sunny thoughts! After several days of rain, the sun broke through today, yay!
Your needleroll is coming right along and it's going to be gorgeous :)

KarenV said...

Great progress on your NR Patti - it's really coming along well!

Litla Skvís said...

That is coming along wonderfully!
I am freezing here in Iceland. I never understand why I was born here as I really HATE the cold!!!