January 29, 2006

Socks Galore

Okay, since I've now finished two pairs of socks, I must confess I think I'm addicted to sock knitting. This arrived in the mail on Thursday and I can't wait to get started! It's not all for me of course but I couldn't resist the sampler package from Knit Picks catalog. This is eight pairs of socks in their washable wool yarn plus two yummy skeins in a varigated denim blue color that is for me - hand wash only. I'm hoping to start a new pair of socks this week.

Today I finished putting together my SBEBB Valentine's exchange and my gift for Karen for the Birthday exchange. I can't share pictures just yet. I'm not happy with how Karen's present came out - I used the dreaded sewing machine and I think I would have been much better off hand sewing the finish. I was afraid to keep trying to fix it as the fabric was wearing so I'm going to send it off as is and hope Karen has her Bad Finishing Goggles on when she sees it. I'm going to work on a new present in the interim.

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