January 8, 2006

Stitched Gifts are the Best!

This is a photo of the wonderful box I got from my friend Nancy. She made a sweetbag using the Blackbird Designs Trix or Treats book which I absolutely love! I love getting stitched gifts and Nancy's are always so wonderfully stitched. She also included a great smelling candle, a small travel diary and a beautiful linen towel with the heart in hand motif that goes perfectly in my kitchen.

I unfortunately didn't manage to make anyone a stitched gift this year and had to resort to purchased presents. I'm going to blame it on my obsession with finishing my UFO but I do hope to be better with stitching presents in 2006.

I have been thinking over whether or not I want to set stitching goals for this year and have decided to set a few:

1. Finish at least two more things from my UFO pile.
2. Finish my CHS Alphabet series.
3. Complete the finishing of all the pieces of the With My Needle sewing case and accessories.
4. Stitch exclusively from my stash as much as possible.
5. Learn how to do hardanger.

That's it for right now. I may set some individual monthly goals and think about a rotation system but for right now I'm going to focus on completing two exchange pieces and picking up my CHS alphabet SAL with Vivian.


Von said...

Hi Patti! I wanted to encourage you in your intent to learn hardanger!! If you are comfortable stitching on linen, you will learn hardanger easily :) If you're feeling uneasy in learning it entirely on your own, I would suggest you take a cyberclass from Victoria Sampler. The instructions are superlative and the instructors are so encouraging and knowledgeable to help you in any problem you might have!! I've taken several and loved them all!!

Joanie said...

Wow, what great gifts! They are fabulous!

AnneS said...

Awesome gifts - just wonderful :) And your 2006 goals look do-able and interesting - like you, I want to learn more about hardanger this year too - I look forward to seeing your progress :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great gifts must be a great friend. Your 2006 stitching plans are so much more realistic than mine but stitching from my stash is way up there too. But what about the other sock?

KarenV said...

Those are lovely gifts Patti :)