January 26, 2006

Back to my ABCs

Last night was the book group discussion for Gone With The Wind. I managed to read 528 pages before the meeting and I'll keep on reading until I finish but now that it's been discussed, I can get back to my stitching. This week I'm focusing on my very neglected CHS Alphabet series. Since I last worked on it, I've finished B and made good progress on C. I hope to get C finished this weekend if time permits. My goal is to finish C, D and E by the end of February and send them off to Vivian. Then I will purchase my next three or four in March. I love how this is turning out!

I also need to get back to Miss Mary Mack - am I the only one who hasn't finished hers yet? I've done some more filling in but I am now wondering if she's going to be too small for the frame. Maybe her hair will fill her out? I will definitely NOT be ripping out!


AnneS said...

Your ABC's are looking good :)

Danielle said...

Hi Patti. You made a valient effor with GWTW!! I have it, but I bet I won't ever read it. I have too many books going right now, and I can never decide if I should stitch or read! I love your Miss Mary Mack pin by the way!! And your alphabet is coming along nicely, too. Did you get the First Look books read, too?!

Anna van Schurman said...

Unless you made the changes Chelle reported on her blog, your MMM will be, like mine, too short for the pin. My plan is to see if I can find some silver buttons to fill it out with. The other option I thought of was to put a little of the border under her feet. FWIW.

I'm becoming inspired by your alphabet!

Barbara said...

I'm nowhere near done with MMM - we've had gray, gloomy weather that makes it impossible for me to stitch.

Your CHS alphabet is coming very nicely. I just got the rest (I hope) of the fibers in today's mail. Now to start it!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

This looks like a fun alphabet series and finishing a few before you buy more I can see as a great motivator. Others are still working on Mary so fun to watch you all in progress I just had to buy the chart for her. CJ