January 9, 2006

Next! Next please!

Now that I've finished my BOAF UFO, it's on to the next one which happens to be a class piece from the 2003 Stitchers Hideaway retreat I went to in Mystic, CT. It's a long narrow needleroll by The Nutmeg Needle. Sue Stokes is the designer and I really enjoyed her classes. She taught three pieces and I thought this one would be the easiest to complete. Hah! I've had to frog more on this piece than anything I've done in recent memory. It's got lots of specialty stitches and over one and either my counting is off or something else goes wrong. Hmm... maybe it's time to visit the eye doctor? This piece is going to be quite a bit harder than I thought. I imagine if I had started on it right after the class, it would be much easier. Ah well, who completes a class piece right after the class??

Last night I finished the front of my SBEBB Valentine's exchange which I've decided to finish into a cube. I need to stitch the personalization for the back and then look for some fabric for around the sides that will compliment the design. I'm hoping I have something in my fabric drawer but if not, I will look for something at the quilt store on Thursday evening.

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AnneS said...

Ooh, that needle roll looks like a stitching challenge! The chart doesn't show up all those specialty stitches, but your scan does - it's going to be beautiful when it's finished! :)