January 2, 2006

Happy New Year!

Today I have the luxury of a day off which also means a shorter work week. I think it's a very nice way to start off a new year! I spent most of the weekend lounging around on the couch and doing a bit of stitching and reading. I stitched quite a bit on my BOAF Happy Hearts on New Year's Eve but wasn't able to finish it up. I did finish the top though and added one more number to the bottom. I didn't stitch at all yesterday as I was a little burnt out with this piece. I may or may not stitch on it today. I need to complete the numbers across the bottom to 12 and then there is an irregular sawtooth border at the bottom and then the piece will be completed. I have to confess I'm tired of working on it at this point!

I may stitch on my SBEBB Valentine's exchange piece today instead. I also want to finalize the piece that I will stitch for Karen as she is the first SBEBB birthday in my Birthday Exchange group. I'm also way behind in reading blogs and bbs so I hope to get caught up with that today. This is all in addition to cleaning my office and purging files and doing housework of course!


Christine said...

Hi Patti !
Happy New Year to you from France.
I love your designs choices.
I think i'm going to stitch "Happy Hearts" too.
Go on !

Lelia said...

Your BOAF is very cute! Even it you are tired of it, I'm enjoying your progress pics.