July 16, 2006

Bad dog, Bad Dog, Whatcha Gonna Do?

This is what happens when you leave a JRT home alone too many nights during the week. I came home from a jewelry party on Friday evening to find this. My wonderful Ruby Slippers yarn from Heide.

It was a really busy week with something going on every evening after work so my walks with Cowboy were pretty quick. Plus, I was out of rawhide chew toys and evidently he had decided he'd had enough. Over the last two weeks, I've lost three pairs of underwear, a pair of shorts (he ate holes into the pockets for the treat crumbs I use for training) and now this!

And not only did he get into my SRT, he also got my in progress sock and ate the dpns out of it! So I had to make a trip to York yesterday to get replacement needles, pull out my sock - luckily I was able to pull back to the green color band and reknit the purple - and it took me 2.5 hours in my sweltering upstairs room to rewind the STR yarn into a usable ball. I hate the terrible twos.

And just to make matters more interesting, the obedience trainer left me a voicemail on Wednesday: "I'm making up Cowboy's graduation certificate and I really think it would be great for him to continue his training. I have another Wednesday night class that just started and it's really small and I think it would be great for Cowboy to keep going - and I won't even charge you." ................Okay, you can stop laughing now................ :-(


Chrissy said...

What a naughty JRT! I know they're all like that when they're not getting what they want (my parents have 3 of them!).

Joanie said...

Ah, Patti....Cowboy is just an amateur! My Aussie ate an entire door frame when he was a youngster. And he did it in an afternoon cause I left him home. He was used to going in the car with me everywhere.

Heide said...

Silly doggy, you're an amateur! Why my youngest daughter could run circles around you when it comes to being naughty. Heck, the fire department here knows her on a first name basis!

Dawn said...

Don't worry. I took my German Shep through 4 obediance courses before I would let him take the test! And yours being a JRT has got to be more of a challenge!

He didn't like my knitting, he did however decide to tear up the magazine I was using a pattern out of, I lost the picture of the sweater I was trying to knit. He mostly liked to tear up tissues and if I was away to long would take out a whole box!

Kali said...

Oh NO! Bad pup! I shudder to think that mine would go after my stitching, he tore apart a kong in about 5 minutes, my stithing would never survive

catandturtle said...

That pup is trouble. Did he have that "I know I am in so much trouble so I will try to look cute" look when you came home? I have been puppy-sitting off and on for my next door neighbors and that pup gets into everything too. Cowboy is a cutie though. Hope everything is going good for you. Ann.

Erin said...

Omigosh, when I started monkeying with my blog template I accidentally lost my links - your blog among them! I'm sorry.

Looks like you - and Cowboy! - have been busy lately. We had a JRT when I was a kid, and when she was a puppy she was shut in the downstairs bathroom when we were away for more than hour or 2. She gnawed a good chunk of the doorframe away!

Barbara said...

I know where you'll be on Wednesdays!! LOL.

Seriously, you're great to be so calm about it!

natty68 said...

Aaah the joys of having a JRT, into everything if they get bored. I lost count the amount of shoes and handbags my JRT ate before he died 3 years ago.

Thankfully Bear (my dog now) has only got a wee bit of JRT in him (he's foxhound crossed with JRT), but already at 3 he is way too intelligent for his own good.