July 25, 2006

Miracle Sock

I am calling this sock the miracle sock because it has survived not one, but two close encounters with The Destroyer. On Saturday evening while I was in the kitchen making dinner, Cowboy ate another pair of dpns out of this sock. Thank goodness I had the foresight to buy two pairs when I went to York a while back. At the rate I am going, I am definitely not going to be in the running for knitting the most socks for the Summer of Socks contest. I will be happy if I can just finish this one pair without any more dpns being ruined.

Cowboy has been acting out quite a bit all of a sudden - I just came down from upstairs, where he was with me for most of the time, and he had taken 1/2 a package of toilet paper I had just brought up but hadn't put away yet from the upstairs bath down to the living room and proceeded to tear it apart. I never suspected a thing.

Why are they always so happy about the destruction they cause? He was jumping up and down like a typical JRT, so proud of what he had accomplished. Hmmm...... I know it's a tantrum because I was working on something and he wanted attention and most likely to go outside. Please someone tell me I will survive this period?


Tracy Baby said...

Yes you will survive this !!!I find giving my dog alot of different things to chew helps , like raw hide bones ,pigs ears, different types of dog biscuits ,as well as having a range of toys which are changed on a rotation, they are really social dogs and do need alot of human attention,but sooner or lattter they do settle into a routine.Good luck

Red said...

Yep.He's acting out.Squeaker toys work well...but if it's like it is with my Yorkie...the noise will drive you nuts, but it's peace of mind in a way because it's telling me he's destroying his toy and not something of mine. Jack Russels are very high energy, thus why unfortunetly a lot of people give them up...maybe there's some sort of Russel web site that might help as well.Meanwhile so much for leaving the knitting anywhere Cowboy may have access when you are not around until he's out of this phase(hopefully). Hang in there...pets are such good company.

Michelle said...

Good luck with Cowboy! Your sock is looking lovely - I hope that you can get the whole thing finished before it is again attacked by His Fierceness.

Joanie said...

oh, your Cowboy is in the terrible two's!! He'll outgrow the phase and you will survive it. I agree with Tracy, give him lots of things to occupy his time and his instinct to chew. He could be teething (I don't know if he's a puppy)or he just wants you to pay homage to him and have him be the center of the universe.
He's a cutie! Just hang in there, hide anything you don't want gnawed on and soon you will have a wonderful calm boy! Patience, Patti!!!

lobstah said...

I don't know, my sister and her ex-boyfried had a dog (dog stayed with the ex when they broke up) who acted like a naughty little puppy until the day he died! But I'm pretty sure he was an anomaly, ha ha.
I know I shouldn't, but I totally laugh when I see them acting all proud of their "handiwork"!