July 18, 2006

Stitching Progress

Thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful and funny horror stories with your assorted four legged and two legged children! All is right in Cowboy's world for now as I went and got some new chew bones. I will share some new pictures of him I took last night once I get them uploaded.

I was able to accomplish a fair amount of stitching last week and completed one gift and started another. I can't show you that progress but here is a picture of my HIH Halloween Medley piece. I also need to get back to my CHS alphabet series as I really need to complete another letter to keep on track with this. I probably won't get much stitching in today as I am going to dinner at my boss's house after work.

Have a great Tuesday and stay cool! Our weather here continues to be hot and humid but there is hope that it will cool down a bit tomorrow. I'm ready for that!


Barbara said...

What an adorable pumpkin!!

Won't be long now till I'm there!!

Joanie said...

Patti that piece is darling!

The Queen's Stitch said...

Hi Patti - it's nice to see another Maine stitcher, and another fan of CHS! Danielle (Peacock's Feather) sent me to your blog. We should get together to stitch sometime. Do you belong to EGA?


Carol said...

Hi Patti! I can't believe I am going to meet you next week! I knew I would at CATS, but now this is even better :-) How sweet of you to offer to pick me up - since I am not exactly along the way for you - LOL!!! My DH is driving me up in his new Vette. He wants to give it a good run and sees this as a great opportunity. He never minds if I meet up with girlfriends - he keeps himself busy :-) I loved talking with Barb today - she's a sweetie. So nice to see Becky blogged today too :-) See you Saturday - Barb is thinking about 11 AM... will that work for you??