July 9, 2006

Summer Sock That Actually Counts

Here is a picture of the latest pair of socks I've started that will actually count towards my tally for the Summer of Socks KAL. I started them on July 6th and this is my progress as of Saturday. I am knitting them with KnitPicks Simple Stripes yarn in the Partie colorway on size 2 dpns. The difference between this yarn and the STR that I was working with is amazing. This yarn is much coarser and feels so much rougher in my hand compared to the STR yarn. But these will make a fun pair of socks that will be a gift so I think they will be fine for basic socks.

I also spent most of Saturday and today crafting my bag for the Knit Sock Kit Swap. The photo is of the first one I made. It came out great and I think it's adorable. The problem was that it was too soft and floppy so I made an identical bag using a heavyweight fusible interfacing that gave the bag much more body so that it now stands up straight instead of sagging in the middle. I will keep this one and use it as a fun summer purse.

My bag is now ready and I've gotten the yarn, two patterns and two of the goodies I am going to include but some items haven't arrived yet. Depending upon the time frame for receiving the other items, I may send the bag with what I have and then forward on the other gifts when I get them. I'm so enjoying having recieved mine that I don't want my giftee to have to wait to long.


Barbara said...

Very fun bag! :) And the socks look really cool!

Michelle said...

Cute bag! Your socks are so vibrant - and I can't wait to see your Ruby Red socks too!

catandturtle said...

Patti, your summer socks look awesome. I love the colors.

Heide said...

Your bag is awesome! Someday I'd like to be able to sew as well. The colors are happy and wonderful too.