July 5, 2006

June Wrap Up

First, thank you everyone for your kind comments on the new look. All the credit goes to the designer as she was the talented person who put the template together. I do like the waves - very Maine and very summery. Now if the weather will just cooperate, I might get to the beach this weekend. I'm getting quite the farmer's tan at this point.

It's a few days late but here is a brief round up of what I accomplished in June:

1. Started and finished stitching F and G of the CHS Alphabet series.
2. Started and almost finished my first pair of summer socks. I actually finished them last night so they don't totally count for June. But, I have one Christmas present already finished!
3. Stitched to a total of 2,500 plus stitches on my HAED Storey Keeper.
4. Started and made good progress on CHS Dainty House Wren.

The only thing I did not have success at was my reading. I did read 1/2 of The Shipping News and I still have till this coming Monday to finish as we ended up moving our discussion date. I haven't started any of the three library books I got two weeks ago and they're due to be returned next Friday. I'm hoping that I can renew them if I don't get bitten by the reading bug.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with what I did accomplish. I'm not putting any pressure on myself so that the doing gets lost in trying to achieve the goal. I need to choose the next pair of socks to start for July and I'd like to choose a Christmas ornament to start. I started a HIH Halloween piece for me which should be a quick stitch and I am about 3/4's of the way done with a stitched gift. I need to go to my LNS this weekend before I can finish it. I'm out of one GAST thread I need and the beads to complete it. Plus I need to make a pillow form for it so I'll need to look for appropriate fabric-maybe tomorrow night at the s&b at the quilt store.

I've finally decided on a pattern for my bag for the Knit Sock Kit Swap and I've received one of the things I ordered, should get another this week in the mail and then the last few items I plan to include should ship on Friday if all goes well. Now to just get the bag made! I heard from the person that has me and she is already finished her bag! She was planning to send it off so I should have a wonderful new bag to show off very soon.

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Barbara said...

Glad (but not surprised) you've gotten so much postive feedback on your new look. It's FANTASTIC! I like it so much that I went over to the site you linked to and borrowed a template and made lots of changes to it, and now it's on my blog. The only one that I liked exactly as it was, wasy yours, so I had to learn a little more HTML yesterday. ;)