August 23, 2006

Mid-week Update

Thank you to everyone for their good wishes for Cowboy. He is doing much better today- back to his normal self and I'm feeling much more relieved. The vet said that I'd need to keep him as quiet as possible which isn't that easy with a JRT. Today I crated him while I was at work and came home at lunch to walk him. I have to restrain him from picking up his pace as he doesn't seem to be feeling much pain and he was eager to stretch his legs tonight. Since he goes into attacj mode when he sees cats or another dog going by outside from the window, I think I will continue to keep him crated when I'm not here. It's torture for a JRT to be inactive - even one as relatively mellow as my little guy.

On the stitching front, I've started my autumn exchange piece and it's a bit too recognizable to be able to show you my progress even though I'm pretty sure the recipient doesn't read my blog. I'd hate to spoil the surprise early. I think Iwill be making this one into a pillow as it is fairly large for an exchange piece. I may change my mind once I have more stitched. It would work equally well in a frame. Tomorrow is stitch and bitch so I will make sure to work on something that I can show a progress photo of.

Sandy, I totally forgot about the brownies too - so sorry about that! I had a small corner last night and they were okay. I think I will throw them in the freezer for when I desperately need something chocolatey. Joanie, the fabric and silks are for M Designs Floral Sampler. I can't wait to start working on it as I love, love, love NPI silks!


catandturtle said...

Patti, I am glad Cowboy is feeling better. I love NPI silks too, they are so soft and fantastic to work with. Ann

The Queen's Stitch said...

Patti - so glad to hear your baby is doing better. Sometimes the recovery is harder than the injury. Lucky for Cowboy that you work so close to home so you can get there to see him during the day!


Von said...

Good to hear that your Cowboy is better.

Can't wait to see your autumn exchange!