August 20, 2006

A visit from the Queen

The Queen is coming to visit today and she's bringing a friend from Connecticut for an impromptu stitch in. I'm am looking forward to getting together with Sandy again and meeting her friend - another stitcher. I plan to stitch all day long today to make up for the lack of stitching time I've had recently. It's raining and a bit cool and gray so it's the perfect day to stay indoors.

I do have some progress to report - I finished my red work piece and began the finishing process. I just need to cart out the sewing machine and get it threaded up. Maybe this evening! And yesterday in the mail I received my order of 32ct Moonglow fabric by Picture This Plus from Sue at Colonial Needleworks. She sent it along with the button pack I needed for HIH's Halloween medley which I also managed to work on a bit yesterday. The fabric is what the chart called for and I'm glad I waited for it instead of substituting something else. This is a picture (not a great one) of the silks called for lying on top. I decided not to use the Gloriana Princess Perle Petites because I couldn't find them locally and Sue helped me substitute NPI silks. Thanks Sue for the great help and service!

I plan to work on CHS Dainty House Wren today while the Queen is here but I also need to get back to my over one CHS alphabet piece which has been neglected all month. And then there is also an autumn exchange piece I need to start for my Yahoo group so it will be hard to decide what to focus on. CHS Dainty House Wren is calling the loudest right now but I will show you what I end up working on tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your package arrived safely. And glad you get to stitch all day today. I'm trying to decide what to do for my next BIG project so I've set up a poll in my blog's sidebar. I'd love it if you voted. :>)

Carol said...

Isn't Sue just wonderful?

I love your NPI choices for that piece, and now I can't wait to see it stitched up!

catandturtle said...

Moonglow looks really cool. Can't wait to see the piece you are stitching on it. I love the NPS too. They are so awesome to work with. I hope you have fun stitching with "the Queen" and friend. Ann.

Michelle said...

Pretty fabric! Your NPI choices look great on it. Can't wait to see this one started.