August 9, 2006

No Photos Today

I am working diligently on my SBEBB redwork exchange piece so I can't show you my progress but I'm very happy with it. I'm very close to being done with the stitching part and I plan to look for lining fabric tomorrow night at my s&b group. I plan to stitch this design for myself at some point as I really like it.

I've been very tired this week - post vacation blues I guess so I have been going to bed early. This means less time for stitching and reading. But I've been trying to take at least 30 minutes each evening to visit blogs and actually comment. There is so much lovely stitching going on and lots of renovated blogs which is really fun.

I hope to work on some stitching that I can post photos of once I've completed my redwork piece so please stop by again! I hope you're having a great week - I'm yearning for Saturday already!


catandturtle said...

I think I have the post vacation blahs too and I wasn't on vacation. :) I bet tomorrow will go by so fast it will be saturday before you know it. Can't wait to see what you are stitching. Thanks for the comments on PS, I loved it ever since I saw you stitching it. Ann.

The Queen's Stitch said...

It IS hard to go back! And I only had three days off, but it has made this week seem extra long. I'm looking forward to a weekend of mornings playing with Max at the beach and maybe York Wild Kingdom and afternoons of stitching while he naps. Looking forward to seeing your progress pics next week!