June 18, 2012

IHSW-Final Progress

While I didn't end up doing any stitching on Sunday, I was able to make some decent progress on Winter Wonderland.  That was after doing a bit of frogging and restitching that is.  If you'll notice the bottom photo shows a bit of a difference on the right hand side of the house wall. 

 As I was stitching down on the tree, I realized that I was one stitch too close on the wall and had to unstitch the right side.  While I didn't get the wall finished, I did get the tree done as well as a few more motifs. 

I have also made some progress on my baby sweater. It's slowly starting to loose the thong resemblance don't you think!  Next up is decreasing for the neck.  The section with the DPN is supposed to be where I knit the sleeve but I'm not to sure on that so I will be reading the directions multiple times I think!


Melissa said...

Winter Wonderland is looking great. I was just looking at this chart tonight too!

Love that red of the baby sweater!

barbara said...

It's a lovely design!

Bea said...

That's a lovely design and great progress.

Deb said...

Your stitched piece is really looking wonderful. And I love the red in that baby sweater!

RuthB said...

Oh I do love that BBD piece. You have my sympathies on the frogging..... Don't you hate it when your stitches move without your permission? :)

Good luck with the sweater's instructions.