June 13, 2012

It's starting to look a lot like... a thong?

After ripping out about 4 times trying to get an increase technique correct and failing miserably, it occurred to me to try another technique for my baby project.  Why it took me that long to figure out a switch was the solution I have no idea - can I blame it on stubbornness?  Anyway, I managed a simple knit into the front and back of one stitch to get the increases I need and thus my baby gift start has turned into what really resembles a knit thong at this point! 

I've finished the increases and am ready to start the next step so hopefully it will turn into more of something that resembles a baby sweater rather quickly!

I'm off to register for Hermit Stitching this weekend - are you hermiting too?  The more the merrier they say!

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