June 25, 2012

Weekend Finish!!!

 BBD Snow Garden (Anniversaries of the Heart #1)
Started January 15, 2012
Completed June 23, 2012

Believe it or not, I finally finished BBD's Anniversary of the Heart #1 on Saturday!  The piece that gave me so much grief, that I thought would only take me about a month, actually took me 5 months.  Boy am I glad to be done with this little gem.

I wasn't sure how I was going to personalize this but as I was putting the last stitches in, it just came to me that I wanted to put in the state where I'm currently living, the year and my initials.

As I plan to eventually sewing these charts together into a sort of memory book, it seemed appropriate that the Snow Garden chart represented the place and climate in which it was stitched.  This will be the cover for the rest of the memory book.

 I really like how the eyelet detail in the peacock's tail worked out.  I love the look of eyelets. 
I immediately cut fabric for Anniversary #2 and pulled the threads.  It's ready to go but it's not the piece I started yesterday.  Remember my aborted start on Ann Sandles from With My Needle and Thread?  Well, I cut a piece of 40 ct. fabric and restarted the piece on Sunday.

I had a very hard time putting it down and I am very pleased with the progress I was able to make.  I will show you that tomorrow!


Laura said...

Congratulations, Patti! It looks great, and I love the peacock too.

I am starting to love stitching again. It's been about five years since I stopped stitching obsessively. Now I'm stitching about 4 times a week and enjoying it. I'm about finished with a project that has haunted me since 2004. Hope to post a pic this week.

barbara said...

WOW I love it, Patti!!

Brigitte said...

I've just noticed that I haven't congratulated you for finishing this little piece. It looks perfect on the fabric you chose for it. I still haven't found the perfect fabric colour for it but I'm not in a hurry to restart this one. First I'll stitch some of the other Anniversaries.