June 16, 2012

IHSW - Friday Report

It's International Hermit Stitching Weekend!  Last night after work, I settled down with a marathon of The Mentalist episodes and a movie called Dragonball.  I picked up BBD's Winter Wonderland and was able to make some progress.  I worked on the right hand side, completing some of the darker green vine border, starting the tree the bird will be sitting on top of and the little motif between the house and the tree.  Although I noticed as I was uploading the photo that I might need to go back to that motif and add a row.  I will have to look closer. 

I hope you got a great start to your IHSW weekend stitching!  It's very cloudy out today so I'm going to ignore the housework and settle guilt free (that I should be outside enjoying the day) on the couch and watch some old movies and hopefully make some great stitching process.  Stitchy-butt here I come!


Barb said...

Winter Wonderland is looking great! I keep mine up all year,not just in the winter.

Brigitte said...

That's as great project for a weekend of stitching. And you made some nice progress on it.