January 8, 2013

Not so sleeveless any more

While watching the most awesome Alabama Crimson Tide play Notre Dame last night, I decided I would knit rather than stitch as I knew my concetration would be focused on the game.  I was really nervous at the start due to all the pre-game hype that had been going on but I shouldn't have been.  Bama was just doin' its usual thing and playing good ball.  They are such a great team and I look forward to the start of college ball again in September.  Roll Tide!!

As a result of the rather uneventful game, I was able to add some substantial yardage to my first sleeve.  I had to start a new ball of yarn and I'm not sure I'm happy with the results as it added a rather larger band of blue than the previous skein's knitting showed.  However, when I look at the pictures, there is a larger area of blue in the upper shoulder area so maybe it will be okay.

Here is a more close up photo that shows the colors more truly.  I am going to have to go into Portland this weekend and pick up the additional skein I hope they are still holding for me as I won't have enough to finish the other sleeve.  I can't wait to start wearing this sweater because it's going to be so warm and cozy.

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Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it always nice to know new visitors have dropped in for a read.

This sweater is going to be so lovely and cosy.

Had a catch up read on some of your older posts too, HRH is looking great, i am at present about to start Block 9 if ShoresHRH.