January 7, 2013

ROLL TIDE!!! oh and some UFO stitching.

Well, tonight's the night and I'm ready to cheer on my favorite SEC team against ND.  Although the largest part of my heart belongs to my Alma mater Buckeyes, who were undefeated this year also, they are ineligible for bowl game play.  That leaves my conscience free to root for my most favorite of all the SEC teams (I enjoy watching them all play), the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Roll Tide, Roll Tide I say - all the way to the win tonight. 

I will probably be knitting on my sweater sleeve while watching the game because I made some great progress UFO stitching yesterday.  Here is where I started

And here's where I stopped.  The 3rd column was predominately one color for much of the time so I stuck with DMC 931 and made some visible progress.  I think I will make this a focus piece for Sunday stitching this month.

This is what it will look like (a long time into the future) once it's completed.  I love the design even though it is not my usual stitching style and I am not a fan of blue!  But I think because I'm such a reader, this design appealed to me. 


missy said...

O-H-I-O...LOL So disappointed the Bucs couldn't play but I will cheer on my Dad's school ND...sorry but GO IRISH. :)

sophanne said...

That piece will be gorgeous!

P.J. said...

ROLL TIDE! I saw your post on ROcky River Ramblings; had to check out your hound picture. Small world to find another Bama fan in Maine. Too cool! What great progress!