January 15, 2013

Sunday Stitching

On Sunday Barbara and I met up in Belfast for a stitching day which we had not done in quite a long while.  It was great to see her and even better to get to meet Max, her oldest.  What a nice, TALL young man Barbara is raising.  Max wandered around Belfast while Barbara and I stitched and caught up and then we all had lunch together.  It was a perfect day for sitting and stitching because it was wicked foggy out and not exactly great weather for wandering around town. 

I was able to make some great progress on the snow in my current Christmas@HRH block.  I have to say I do not love the thread but I'm using what's called for so I'll have to stick it out for the rest of the blocks.  It's a Silk n Colors skein called Mint Frost but I'm not enjoying the greenish tinge (the mint part of the color I guess).

1 comment:

P.J. said...

Look at you go. The Mint Frost was the only silk I picked up for my C@HRH, the rest is DMC. I think it could have been better a bit blue vs green, but I like the snow affect. Great progress, you are keeping me inspired!