December 7, 2005

Exchange News!

Today I received my Legacy Holiday Sampler House Exchange Piece from Jacque. I am just so thrilled as the piece is just so me. Jacque confessed she stalked my blog which I really appreciate her taking the time to do. This piece so matches the colors and style and taste of my house it's perfect! She also included lots of wonderful goodies in the package.

When I do an exchange I tend to focus on the giving part and don't pay much attention to the receiving end until that package arrives. When I got Jacque's today, I was totally stumped as to why I was getting a package from Kansas City, MO. It took a few long seconds for me to connect that it was my exchange piece! LOL

I also had another package waiting for me from my friend Nancy. I'm going to wait to open it until it's closer to Christmas though. That is the plan anyway! LOL I'll probably give in by the weekend.


Patti said...

Blogger won't let me post the close up of Jacque's stitched piece for some reason so I will try again later or tomorrow. Check back!

Kiwi Jo said...

Stupid blogger! It looks great though and very you!