December 11, 2005

Socks and Snow

Friday we got over 13 inches of snow. UGH! Thankfully it was the light and fluffy sort so it was realtively easy to shovel and I got my neighbor's plow guy to pick me up. I walked home from work at around 3:00 because the roads were pretty lousy. It wasn't a bad walk and it probably took me about 30 minutes. It's only a 5 minute drive usually so that's not too bad. Plus it was kind of pretty.

I've been doing some stitching but I've also been knitting again. This is a picture of my sock - it's been a UFO since May of 2004. I am quite proud of it as I had to rip out the heel 2 times before I got it right. The third time is the charm in this case and I'm on my way to the toe. I also finished the second piece of a poncho I started in August of 2004 and this morning I washed both pieces and they are drying now. I hope to put them together this week and maybe I will have a modeling photo. Stay tuned!


Joanie said...

Oh-h-h knitting! I knit badly so I don't even try. But socks! Oh you are too good!

We did'nt get as much snow as you did, but it was yucky out. Our snow was wet and sticky. Made for rough driving.

BeckySC said...

Love the socks...I used to knit and crochet, but I have gotten away from those two crafty things...maybe I will pick up my afghan that's in progress....FOR MANY YEARS NOW...LOL!

KEEP the snow :) :) :)