December 17, 2005

One sock does not make a pair but

it means you are half way there! I finished my first ever sock last night and I'm thrilled to say it fits! That makes two knitting UFOs completed this year and I don't have any more of the knitted kind so I'm free to start my second sock. I plan to take it with me over the Christmas holidays so I will hopefully have a pair by the start of the new year.

I'm also making great progress on my BOAF Happy Hearts Sampler this week and I will share a photo soon.


Barbara said...

You can do a one-legged happy dance :-)!

Joanie said...

Cool beans, Patti!!! your other foot cold? Ha, ha...LOL!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Love the sock. I have one sock partially finished. It's been that way for about 6 months. I learned to turn the heel and then never touched it again. I think you have inspired me. "One sock does not make a pair but.." One is better than none.