December 18, 2005

Finally Framed

I've had these two pieces stitched for almost two years and I just finally had them framed. The framer I used for Plymouth Sampler had a coupon in the paper for 20% off so I took these two Kathy Barrick designs to be framed. I picked them up on Saturday. Slyvie does a really nice job and I'm really pleased with how they came out. I think both frames complement the pieces. Picking a frame is just agonizing for me and Sylvie is great about letting me pull tons of possibilities off her walls and then giving me her final opinion with my choices. Now I just have to figure out where to hang these beauties. I think Lady in Her Garden will go in the dining room and North, South, East West will either go in the living room or my bedroom.


Joanie said...

They are beautiful, Patti! Enjoy them hanging in your home.

I love them!

KarenV said...

Patti, they look great! I love the look of Lady in her garden especially.

Stitch said...

Patti, they are lovely!! Excellent job!! *applause**

I like your sock too...LOL Wish I could knit..that's what I'd knit up too..some socks as it's cold in them these here parts! LOL



Danielle said...

They are both lovely!! Nice framing job!

tkdchick said...

Those pieces are beautifully framed.