December 13, 2005


I have been on a mission to finish some projects before the end of the year and this is one of them. I started this poncho back in August of 2004. It's from the Sally Melville book The Knit Stitch. It is a really simple pattern, garter stitch two rectangles, sew them together and then add fringe. Why it took me so long to complete I don't know but I'm really thrilled to have it done. And, best of all - it fits! LOL Not always a given when I'm knitting.

I'm also hoping to finish up my sock this week and cast on for it's mate. I am planning to take the socks with me to FL so maybe I will be able to finish another project started in 2004! My next project will be a cardigan sweater that I've had the yarn for for a while. It's Manos del Uruguay in a fantastic red/purple/gold combo. But that will probably be a project for 2006......


BeckySC said...

That looks great , Patti :)
Congrats GF!

Joanie said...

Nice poncho! I love the color, Patti! I bet you look fabulous in it!