December 5, 2005

GH Angel of Tulips HD

Last night I finished the GH Angel of Tulips that Danielle and I have been stitching. I really love the design but wish I'd chosen a different fabric for it. This fabric had a very open weave which made it easy to do the over one stitching but it reminds me of needlepoint canvas when I look at it. I will definitely stitch this over again on 40 count as the design called for and as Danielle is doing.

Now I will continue to focus on trying to complete my BOAF UFO/WIP and my CHS alphabet series that I'm stitching with Vivian who is light years ahead of me!


Carol said...

Sorry you don't like your fabric, but it sure looks like it came out great :-)

KarenV said...

I love this Patti! Congratulations on a great finish :)