March 14, 2007

The Magic of a Glass of Wine

As I'm sure many of you know, a good glass of wine can work wonders in many, many situations. This photo is an example of what a good glass of chardonnay can help a newbie knitter accomplish! Of course ripping out and repeating MANY times was also a part of the equation but I firmly believe the glass of wine I sat down with last night boosted my determination to master the art of a toe up sock. This is my toe and I'm very proud of my accomplishment. So proud in fact I considered going no farther but I do believe I will press on. This is the toe of my first 2007 Socks That Rock Club Club pattern called Inside Out using the Monsoon colorway that came with the kit. It's going to be a very challenging pattern for me as the leg involves real cables - a technique I have not tried before as well. Stay tuned!

There was some cross stitching done prior to the accomplishment of this knitting feat but I can't show it because.... it's an exchange piece!
Happy Wednesday and cheers to a fast moving downward slide to the weekend. I'm off to finish a glass of wine! :-)


Barbara said...

LOL @ a glass of wine making it all possible! "Dutch courage"! If I have a glass of wine and try to stitch - look out!!

catandturtle said...

Cool. Yes, a glass of wine, or beer, can help a lot. :) I am kind of partial to white merlot. yummy. Your knitting looks great. Ann.