March 9, 2007

Stitches of a Different Sort

First off, thanks to all who have visited and commented on my blog. I appreciate you stopping by, especially since I've not been blogging much lately. I'm also trying to catch up on my regular reading of blogs but I have so many listed in my favorites that I can't read every one every day! I'm trying a rotation with those so hopefully I will be staying caught up with everything that is going on. One can only hope right?

As promised, here is a picture of the start of my baby blanket that will be a gift for a co-worker. It's her first baby and she's in her early20s so I hope she won't mind a hand made gift. I also plan to get her something from her baby registry but wanted to make something for her as well. I think she will like it. The blanket is being made out of Lion Brand Cotton Ease which I have to say I really like. It's very soft. The colors are Taupe (darker brown/grey), Stone (lighter grey), Lake and Lime. I really like how the color combination is turning out.

The other "stitched" item is a pair of socks for my older sister in Ohio. Her birthday is on the 19th and she requested a pair of socks at Christmas so hopefully she will get a bit of wear out of them before spring arrives for sure. This is some Spunky Eclectic Sport weight yarn I had in my stash. The color is called Mojave - I thought it would be appropriate for my sister as she loves the desert of New Mexico.


Barbara said...

Oh boy, I'd LOVE that baby blanket if we could have another baby. I'm sure your coworker will treasure it. And your sister's socks are so FUN!

lobstah said...

I think handmade baby gifts are appreciated no matter what the mother's age is! I especially like the colors you chose, they're very modern.

Lucy said...

For a desert lovely those socks are the perfect color!!