March 22, 2007

Mail Call from Australia!

Yesterday my fabrics and accessories arrived for the Stitcher's Wallet project in the March issue of The Gift of Stitching. I ordered it through Stitches and Spice and I'm so glad I did. Naomi sent the linen and muslin to complete the wallet as well as the two little wooden thread winders and some wooden thread rings. I can definitely see myself ordering more of their fabrics as I love the color and feel. I immediately got out the Flower Thread I ordered to see how it looked on the fabric. I am really looking forward to starting this project.
Tonight was my S&B night at the quilt shop. I actually came home without purchasing anything and I made a bit more project on my STR Inside Out sock which I will show you tomorrow and I finished the front of an exchange piece and started on the back. I will not be showing you that until it arrives at it's intended destination next month.
TGIF tomorrow and it's payday!


Stitch Wizard said...

Oh I love the stitcher's wallet too!! I was debating about that one. I love the little strawberries!! I will love watching your progress!! Debby :0)

Red said...

Patty...which is your correct e-mail? I think I have two...will you drop me an e-mail so I can have the correct address?
Love the wallet stuff...I'm motivated!

Barbara said...

Oh, Patti, that's so gorgeous!!!

Lucy said...

I'm so tempted to get that...I saw that in the Gift of Stitching and immediately fell in love with it.

Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Patti

Thank you for your nice comment in my blog!! I would love to join in on a Sal with you on the stitcher's wallet. We are going over to my LNS tomorrow so I will see if they have the threads and fabric. Thank you for the nice invite!! Debby :))