March 23, 2007

Sock Progress

This afternoon I took a picture of my very slooooow progress on my Blue Moon STR Sock Club socks. I am hoping to get more time into these next week but with exchange stitching going on, they get the short end of the stick when it comes to time.

The color is not true as the yarn is grey/greenish in real life.

It seemsthat I've persuaded Red to join in on an SAL for the Stitcher's Wallet from the March issue of The Gift of Stitching. We will be waiting until Red gets her supplies but anyone else want to join us?



Barbara said...

Hmmm. Tempting. I love that wallet. Hmm.....

Hey, that blue is amazing. It's a color I'd like to crawl right into and stay there!

Joanie said...

Umm-mmm...I broke down and bought supplies too...Nice sock :-)~~

Stitch Wizard said...

Your sock is really pretty! Could you drop me an email and tell me when your SAL is to begin! Debby:) (