March 6, 2007

Rockin Sock Club

This is a really bad photo but I just don't have the energy to find
better lighting at the moment. My love affair with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin Sock Yarn led me to sign up for their 2007 Rockin Sock Club. This was waiting on my porch for me yesterday. It's my official binder complete with a pin, a bumper sticker, a small skein of yarn and a lovely skein of their medium weight yarn in a color called Monsoon which is a yummy greeney grey color. They have the best sock yarn in my opinion. The binder included some wonderful goodies including some information about the foot, a cool pattern I can't wait to try my hand at and a guide to measuring and keeping track of the foot size of those near and dear to you. However, I think I will be knitting all of this year's sock patterns only for myself - I've been like the cobbler's kids with no shoes - knitting socks for everyone else but me.

On a side note, today was the most wicked freaking cold day of the year - minus 18 degrees with the wind chill when I walked Cowboy this morning and what a wind it was. My eyes water and I can't even feel the moisture until it's run all the way down to my mouth. Ugh! My cheeks have yet to thaw out and the pup and I came back in about 15 minutes ago. Evidently he has no internal thermometer because he's ready to go out in anything! Anyone want to adopt a dog?

Jemima still isn't out of the box because I've been just too tired to tackle that chore. I'm off to lay on the couch amd read a magazine. I wish you a warm and cozy evening!


Barbara said...

Your sock club sounds like a lot of fun! :)

As for the temps you're experiencing, maybe it will make me mutter less about having to walk Rigby in the rain when I compare it to freezing my you-know-what off!

lobstah said...

I love the STR yarn but I never seem to make socks, so I decided not to join. I will have to live vicariously through every one else's posts ;)
Weather is awful here too. Thankfully it is supposed to me mid to upper thirties this weekend which should feel really good. Didn't get a ton of snow in the last storm--maybe 6 inches.

Laurie said...

Good luck - they will be super comfy when done :) Oh, the cuff goes REALLY fast compared to the foot.