April 21, 2008

Keeping Busy

We had a glorious weekend here - definitely springy! It was sunny all weekend and in the 60s both days. I painted my dining room and also raked the yard out. Needless to say I'm quite sore today. As a reward for working so hard all weekend, I did spend some time stitching yesterday afternoon. Picking up a needle was about the easiest think I could think of! Here is my progress on BBDs Buttons & Pins. I picked up this chart when I was in Las Vegas in February. It is a bit different in that it calls for blanket stitch and chain stitch in parts. I've been a bit intimidated by this and I think subconsciously I've been avoiding the piece. But I am soldiering on. If any one has already stitched this piece, did you stitch the centers of the blanket stitched flowers before or after doing the blanket stitch part?

I've also been expanding my knitting skills with a new pair of socks. This is the Butterfly pattern from Fiber Trends. I've learned how to do yarn overs properly to create a butterfly pattern. Unfortunately, I don't have sock blockers so it's a bit hard to see the pattern. I will work on trying to get a better photo. I'm using Blue Moon STR in the Ruby Slippers colorwy. I really like how this pattern is written - clear and very easy to follow.


Barbara said...

Sneaky BBD not making it clear in which order you should do the different stitches. Most designs I have that call for various speciality stitches also tell in which order to perform them. That said, cross stitches seem to always come first. If no one else offers advice, I'd say do the chain stitch before the blanket stitch (= do BS last) because the BS tends to pull/wrinkle the fabric more (or at least it does, how I do it! LOL!).

Carol said...

Love your Buttons & Pins - just got that chart in and thanks for the heads up!

Jill said...

Love those socks. Thanks for posting the website. I will have to share this with my mom.