April 16, 2008

Needlework Show

The online needlework show has opened today! I really like this avenue for shopping as there are always some new designers to put on my list that I probably will never see in my local LNS which has been pretty dismal lately. I really like two of the new CHS designs, Black Horse Inn and Frederick. I am also putting three My Mark designs on my list - Home, Grace and A Garden Walk. Two will be stitched for friends and the house one for me. I really like the new "emotions" pieces of which Home and Grace are a part. I also like the Sue Hillis design Pirate's Creed. I think I will stitch this for my office at work! I'm sure I will find some more favorites before the show closes next Monday. Don't forget to go browse!

Thanks to all of you who've left such nice comments about my friend Charlie's passing. Stitchers always are such a comfort to those of us who need it and I'm thankful to be on the receiving end this time.

As for my own stitching, I have very little to show at this point. I did pick up my UFO CHS alphabet piece and do a bit on that. I'm up to I is for Inn. If anyone needs M for Mermaid, please let me know as I ended up with two in my possession. Sorry this photo is so bad. I really need a camera with a decent zoom lens. Maybe for my birthday this year.


cathymk said...

I liked Sue Hillis' Pirate creed too - it seemed ideal for my office too (I don't know what that says about the library I work in!!)

Beautiful work on your CHS Alphabet.

Barbara said...

I approve of your choices from the Needlework show. LOL!

I'm still catching up on blog reading and am only now reading of the loss of your friend Charlie. I'm really sorry, Patti. I'm glad you could finish-finish his projects and that his family can now enjoy them.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the reminder about the Needlework Show. Love how your alphabet is coming along.

Erin said...

I liked the Pirate's Creed, too! but I fell for "Live Simply" by Designs by Lisa....and "May You Believe" by Moonflower Designs. Must have been in the mood for some "inspirational thoughts" kind of patterns at the time... LOL (actually, "Live Simply" will be for DH, who enjoys Buddhist philosophy)