September 15, 2005

Finishes and starts

First, I want to remember to thank everyone for their kind comments that they leave. I appreciate those who take the time to visit me and everyone is so encouraging. Thank you!

This morning I finished my little mermaid from the Trilogy's Seaology Chart. I plan to finish her as a little hanging pillow but I want to find some ribbon or string that will look like rope and I'm thinking of making a tassel for the bottom and gluing on some tiny seashells. I will have to look for both the shells and the string before I can complete the project but I have a few weeks yet to go. That takes care of the finish, now on the the starts!

Tonight when I got home, Nicki had emailed the birthday groups for the Birthday group exchange at the SBEBB. I'm so excited to be a part of this exchange as I think it is such a neat idea. We each stitch something for the other three members of our group for their birthday and we will receive three wonderfully stitched pieces in return. The dates of my group are spread out nicely so that we will have time to really find the perfect thing. And we are quite the international group, one from England, one from Malaysia and a transplanted Kiwi living in Maryland as well as me from Maine. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better. With the Birthday exchange, I'm now in 4 exchanges! The sweetbag exchange on Legacy which I have stitched and started the finishing on, the sampler house exchange also on Legacy, and a Christmas ornament exchange with the SBEBB ladies. Lots of new starts and finishes to come for me!

Finally, here is the start I made on the CHS Alphabet series. I'm stitching them all over one on the remainder of my 30ct fabric from Plymouth. It's way early in the process but I'm enjoying it so far. There will be small flowers in each straight section of the frame but I haven't decided if I will do the stems in black or a green. I thought I would wait until I get more of the design colors in before deciding.


Kiwi Jo said...

I'm looking forward to the birthday exchange too! I love the mermaid and your finishing ideas sound great.

Danielle said...

I was really tempted to join in the birthday exchange too, but I decided to hold off on anything new until I get caught up with what I have!! Maybe if she opens up the exchange next year again, I will join in! Right now I have a Halloween exchange, a Halloween Sweetbag, Redwork, Christmas ornament and Quaker exchanges to work on. I will also have two Birthdays to stitch for! I have plenty to keep me busy! LOL!

KarenV said...

It looks like we're signed up for several of the same exchanges Patti :) I'm in your birthday exchange group, the Christmas ornament exchange (of course!) and the Sampler House exchange. I've also just signed up for my first Quaker Quarterly Exchange on Legacy and I'm in the redwork exchange. I think I'd better get stitching ;) At least my birthday is the first one, so I get a bit more time!

Congratulations on your mermaid finish; it looks really cute and your finishing ideas sound great!

Lelia said...

The mermaid is too cute. Thanks for sharing! Your idea of the tassel, shells, etc sounds great.

Christine Doyle said...

Your mermaid is so lovely! Have fun with the exchange - I may join next year, after I have completed some of my other stitching obligations! :D

Nicki said...

Glad you're happy with your birthday group Patti! I'm looking forward to mine too. And I'm in the Sampler House exchange on the Legacy board too - as well as the autumn, redwork and garden ones!

Love the Mermaid by the way - those 'ology' charts are just too cute!

BeckySC said...

Hi Patti :)
I had signed up for the B-day exchange as Nicki needed another person-but I told her if someone else wanted in to let them have my spot...BUT, I would consider signing up next go round :)

Love the mermaid-TOO cute :)

Thank you for sharing :)