September 27, 2005

An excess of riches

An alternate title for today's entry would be "I am soooo on the wagon". It took me three photos to get all of my stash from Hershey's documented. I am quite embarrassed at how much stuff I came home with - I should have gone with a list! Without one, anything that caught my eye seemed to jump into my hands.

The first picture is of my fabric and fiber stash. In that pile are 1 pc of 18x27 pc 36ct R&R Antique Cotton, 1 18x27 pc 40ct R&R Daily Grind, 1 18x27 pc 40ct R&R Gold Finch, 1 18x27 pc 40Ct R&R Sagebrush, 1 pc 30ct R&R Green for FlipFlopDays Freebie,
1 pc 30ct R&R For the Cure Pink for What if the Big C was Cure Freebie, 4 colors of Hanna Silk Hand Dyed ribbons for finishing projects, a 6 pack of 9x9 pcs of 30ct R&R in assorted colors for Blackbird Designs Trix or Treat book projects and WDW in Mascara and Palomino.

Next up are the charts and kits I bought which include Samplers and Such – Quaker Mini Treats, Maggie Bonanomi – Live Each Season, The Nostalgic Needle – Irish Sampler Pincushion, With My Needle – Quaker Needlework Treasures, Carriage House Samplings – Hearts & Flowers and Barrick Samplers – Lady’s Garden.

And there's more! Stitch Every Day freebie – What if the big C was Cure w/buttons, Live Simply Freebie by Hands to Work, Lilybet – Lilybet’s Needlebook, Stitchy Kitty – No Frogging Allowed, With My Needle – My Treasures Sewing Case, The Sweetheart Tree – Rhodes Butterfly Fob, The Sweetheart Tree – Baby Bluebells Fob, JBW Designs – Spring Ornamentals, JBW Designs – Sweet Friendship and
Needle & Frame – Red Flowers beaded ribbon scissor case & fob kit. I also bought a pair of red scissors and some #17 Knitting needles.

Most of this stuff was purchased at Where Victoria's Angels Stitch before we even got to Hershey! I have no idea where it's all going to get stored but many of the charts were purchased with possible exchanges and gifts in mind so I'm trying not to feel too guilty about how much I came home with. I do not plan to buy anything new for a long, long, long time to come. Please help me stay on the wagon!!


Kiwi Jo said...

holy moly!!! I'm sending you some duct tape to keep you firmly strapped onto the wagon!

KarenV said...

Great stash haul Patti - enjoy!

Carol said...

Mmmm, what gorgeous stash! No need to be ashamed, just enjoy it!!! I love all those gorgeous R&R linens you picked up!!

Christine Doyle said...

Whew!!! Perhaps the incentive to stay on the wagon is not to buy anything until that is all stitched up! Certainly will keep you busy for a long, long time - I am jealous! lol

Monsoon said...

Wow I think you beat Cathy, Jo, and myself combined in total stash haul!

BeckySC said...

I should say so....Oh MY! Wish I were at your house!
WONDERFUL goodies :) You did good!

Danielle said...

Look at all that wonderful fabric--lucky you! And loads of great charts! Look at this as being a special splurge--how often do you get to go to cross stitch shows anyway?? Enjoy!!

Joanie said...

Your haul is awesome! Enjoy all of it and don't feel one bit guilty! Just enjoy everything that you purchased.

You've got really nice patterns and fabric so your finishes will be gorgeous!

Glad the package made it ok, was everything intact?

Lelia said...

oooooh! oodles of kewl stitchie stuff ; ) I'm so jealous. Yes, what wagon? I'm on THAT wagon & want to buy a sampler pattern .... Enjoy all your haul. Lots of nice things you obtained.