September 6, 2005

Monday's Mermaid

Here is a picture of my progress on a gift for a friend's birthday next month. I'm stitching the mermaid from Trilogy's Seaology chart-the designs are so adorable. The fabric is from my stash - 32 ct evenweave in Blue Spruce I think. The threads are WDW and GAST. It turns out that I didn't have one of the WDW colors so I'm going to have to buy thread after all! I also put the first stitches into my newest over one project which is the CHS alphabet charts all on one piece. I'm reserving judgement as to whether or not I like it over one. I want to put some more work into it before deciding. I really want to do them all on one piece but I don' t want the finished design to be too large. I had stash waiting for me in the mail today but I will talk about that tomorrow! Stay tuned....

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