September 26, 2005

Home at last

I am finally home! I had a fantastic time in Hershey - so much so that I think it will take at least two posts to cover everything! I left here on Wednesday evening and stayed the night with my sister & family in New Hampshire. Then it was up bright and early to get to Nancy's house in Massachusetts. We got on the road a bit after 7:00 am and began our 12 hour journey to Hershey! Now normally the trip would take about 6.5 hours but we detoured a bit on the way down via New Jersey.

First we stopped at The Kosher Nosh for lunch for the most heavenly corned beef sandwich I have ever had. Then it was on to Clifton, New Jersey to Where Victoria's Angels Stitch. What a fabulous shop. Tawny had a great selection of everything new plus wonderful older pieces as well as fabrics and fibers galore along with supplies for knitters and in house framing. If you are any where in the area or plan to visit NYC, make this a stop on your itinerary - it will be worth it. I blew my stash allowance here and we hadn't even gotten to Hershey! My friend Nancy and I were able to meet the wonderful owners and staff of the shop as well as Grace, a friend we met at a retreat in 2003. After 2 hours of stash enhancement we were finally on our way to Hershey.

We arrived at the hotel around 6:30 and after checking in, we went to dinner at Applebee's. Then it was back to the hotel to search out the legendary Stitcher's Lounge. It was quite busy and we sat and stitched until about 10:30.

Friday morning we had breakfast with Paula, Cindy and Denise from Life's A Stitch and it was so wonderful to meet them in person. We had a great breakfast and then it was off to the Merchandise Mall. Nancy signed charts in the Mimi's Attic booth from 10:00 until 12:00 and then again from 2:00 until 4:00pm. While she was busy with that, I sat and stitched for a bit, shopped the merchandise mall a bit and finally got to meet Jo and her husband Pete. They were just wonderful and while in the mall area we also met Heather and Cathy and her sister Christy. We all had sore feet by about 5:00 so we went and sat outside to stitch for a bit. It was really nice. We reviewed stash purchases, did a bit of show and tell of in-progress and finished projects and just enjoyed stitching together.

Jo, Pete, Nancy and I had dinner in the sports bar and then it was off to the stitcher's lounge. Nancy and I collected our project bags and joined Jo. Cathy joined us a bit later and ended up staying the latest of us all. It was really neat to see the variety of projects people were working on and some of the class pieces as well. The volume of that many stitchers in one place was pretty impressive. The festival provided the Ott lights which was nice plus there was water available as well.

On Saturday morning, Nancy and I made our way to the Hershey Outlets and found the Cross Stitch Corner which is a nice shop tucked away among all the other retailers. I ended up buying one more chart and then it was back to the Lodge to stitch outside. Jo and Pete joined us for a liesurly few hours before departing for home. The merchandise mall closed at 6pm so I helped Nancy carry her models and the few remaining unsold charts back to our room and then it was out to dinner to celebrate a successful stitching festival. We went back to the room and then it was homeward bound on Sunday. I introduced Nancy to the wonders of Cracker Barrel restaurants and the rest is history! Because this is so long and I bought so much stash, I will post that separately tomorrow!


Kathie said...

Wow, Patti! Sounds like a wonderful time! I can't wait to read your post tomorrow to hear about all the wonderful things you bought!


Joanie said... sound like you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to *Part 2*.

Enjoy your new stash!

Danielle said...

What fun!! I would love to go to one of these sometime! How nice that Jo's husband came as well--I am not sure my husband would do to well at one of these! LOL.