September 1, 2005

Stealth projects

I have been working on an exchange gift so I can't show a picture but this is a photo of the materials for my next project. I am planning to give it as a gift to a friend. The fabric is 32ct dirty linen/silk from my stash with Weeks and Gentle Art Threads. I am planning to transform them into a needlbook.

I have made good progress on my Legacy Halloween sweetbag as far as the stitching goes but I haven't found a fabric I like to go with it. The stitching fabric is 32ct Cognac and it's really kind of a hard color to match. I'm not totally thrilled with the project but I think once I settle on a fabric for finishing up the sweetbag, I will like it a whole lot more. Since this is going to be a long weekend, I hope to finish this off and get started on something else.


Jan said...

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Barbara said...

Once again, I'm requesting you to contact me regarding your use of nearly the exact same name as my blog, which has existed longer, is registered all over the place, and which I've spent a lot of time, effort and money to personalize. I resent the "copying" of a blog name that was already in existence, and the fact that you have continually ignored my efforts to contact you regarding this matter.

Patti said...

barbara i have placed a comment on your site. i just this morning learned of my error as i had not read through all of the comments on the site previously. please email should you wish to discuss this further.

Barbara said...

Patti, thanks very (VERY!) much for your consideration and cooperation! Happy blogging!!

Erin said...

I was so confused....I just found your blog this morning, and then when I went to add it to my SIR list, the name had changed! hehehe Oh well. I thought "Maine-ly Stitching" was very cute!

I peeked at some of your albums - beautiful stitching, and I love your house.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lelia said...

lovely colors you have chosen for your nb. Cannot wait until reveal time & you can post a picture of the finished product.

Stitch well today.

BeckySC said...

Hi Patti :)
Sorry about what happened with your blog name...don't feel bad, things like this happen in the world of internet-it's huge, how could they not happen-even with many search engines... SMILE! :) I added you to the SBEBB blog names :)

Oh, I love anything to do with Needlebooks :) Will wait pateintly to see :) Good luck with it and your other projects :)