September 5, 2005

Start your engines

Yesterday I kitted up 4 new projects - insane I'm sure but I've been really wanting to start some new things now that Plymouth is finished. So today I hope to put some starting stitches in at least two of the projects. I am going to stitch the little mermaid from Trilogy's Seaology as a birthday present for a friend, Dainty Housewren by CHS which will be done on 40 ct Inkspot from R&R with the NPI silks called for, an ornament that will be a gift which is also from a CHS chart and the CHS alphabet charts which will be over 1 on the left over 30 count that I did my Plymouth Sampler on. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow of what I end up starting. Guess I'm going to be quite busy for a while!


Nicki said...

I love those CHS alphabets so I can't wait to see that one - what a fantastic idea doing them over 1!

Lelia said...

Oh no kidding, start your engines! Sounds ambitious. I'm not kitting up anything until my WIP list is shorter. Will enjoy viewing your progress.