September 19, 2005

A little is good

I did not make as much progress on my BOAF UFO as I had hoped but every little bit gets you closer to a finish right? I worked on the area to the left of the alphabet and managed to get some of the black outline filled in. I've started to work on the inside area but it's a lot of small color areas so it will be a little slow going. But I do enjoy working on this piece so I will continue to work on it as the month goes on.

Tonight I came straight home and mowed my lawn. I have one of those old fashioned push mowers powered by me and I'm sure my neighbors howl in their houses as I push it up and down. But it is very zen-ish and it was a really nice evening so it was worth being entertainment in my opinion. And it beats the $90 a month I was paying to a lawn service - more money for stash I say!


Danielle said...

Another design I have and want to stitch. I love stopping by here as you have such great WIPs!! Every little bit counts--that is what I tell myself, too!

BeckySC said...

I really do love this one! YEP, every stitch counts :)

Keep sharing :)

Lelia said...

Nice project you have in the works. Eventually -- it will be DONE.

TraceyIL said...

Patti: Keep at Happy Hearts. I stitched it on 36 ct. with one thread and I love it. Though . . . I still need to have it framed. Absolutely beautiful colors. --TraceyIL