April 2, 2006

900 Stitches

In order to counteract my startitis, today I got out my Storey Keeper piece and spent a large part of the day working on her. I have completed 9 10x10 boxes which amounts to 900 stitches. How can so many stitches look so small on the fabric? You can see in the photo that I'm actually using a hoop. This is a very rare occurrence for me but I found it is allowing to work much more quickly with such a large piece of fabric. This is the hoop I bought for my rug hooking class and it has two different sized hoops that can be converted into a lap frame. I am using the larger hoop to hold the fabric and the smaller size as the base. I was really surprised to find that it works quite well.

The last time I took a photo of this piece was on February 7th. The detail in these HAED pieces is just amazing. Some of the blues are almost indistinguishable from one another so I have to be extremely careful I'm working with the right symbol and color. Nicki's technique of parking the threads is working quite well.

I think I will continue working on this piece during the week when I'm not working on Jo's birthday exchange piece. It's exciting to see the progress - even when measured in centimeters!

Barbara, I get my hair cut in Amherst, NH which is about an hour and a half from my house. The salon is called Portfolio and my stylist is Reina. She's incredibly talented but I'm not sure your friend will want to drive all that way!


Nicki said...

I know - those HAEDs take so long to build up! But I can see tree trunks and shapes already. You've picked a great chart - you'll see it growing straight away instead of having lots of plain background :)

Barbara said...

Oops. Blogger ate my comment. Really.

I'll look forward to your HAED progress pics - these designs are so incredible! And thanks for the hairstylist info - I'll make sure Sara gets it.

Anna van Schurman said...

Hey, I grew up in Amherst, NH! Wow, small world.

Wow, that HAED piece is something.

Von said...

Patti, this is really impressive! Such tiny stitches - 900 of them! Parking the threads is really inspired for designs such as this.