April 26, 2006

No pictures today

But I should have a completed picture of my LK freebie tomorrow. I've completed the frame, flower and started on the word hello. This has gone very quickly and I really like the design.

I'm contemplating starting on the Stitcher's Surprise Sampler Book Project - I know Jo has started these but is anyone else planning to stitch them? I have been mulling over how I'd like to do mine and I think I'm going to do them all on 32ct Lambswool using some of the WDW threads I bought a while back. I'm going to do each letter monochromatic (at least that is the plan) and see how they look. The fabric pages the directions call for are fairly large - she recommends 16x11 pieces of fabric for each letter to allow for the finishing process. I have some fabric already that's left from a yard I bought but I'm going to have to get more. I really think this is a neat idea and the designs are fairly small so each letter shouldn't take that long. I really like the idea of learning all those new stitches!


Monsoon said...

I did the first two, with alternate floss as models (pics are on my blog www.stitchsci.blogspot.com) I can't wait to do them for myself, they are VERY quick

Cindy said...

I'm planning on doing this series, but am waffling on the fabric and fiber choices! I can't wait to see how yours turn out :)

Melissa said...

Patti-I'm planning to stitch the Stitcher's Surprise book too. I think I'm going to use whatever fabric and fibers I have around the house. Probably won't start it before this summer though.