April 30, 2006

A start and a finish of sorts

First, thanks to everyone for their kind comments. Cowboy is settling in great. I'm not sure I'm jazzed about the name but it's probably to late to change it at this point.

Today, I spent most of the entire day working on this poor sock. I thought I would stretch my skills so I am attempting Conwy from Knitting on The Road book by Nancy Bush. The original pattern called for Lorna's Laces but I am using Knit Picks Memories in the Yukon colorway. Unfortunately, I had to rip the first attempt and what you see is the second. This is just the cuff and one repeat but I am concerned that you're not going to be able to see the pattern as with the original. But I am NOT starting it over again. I will proceed and see what results. Either way it's definitely a learning experience as it has a small cable in it. I had planned these for me so it doesn't matter if they don't turn out exactly like the picture!

The finish is for E is for Elephant. Yeah, I'm so glad to finally be done. The charts for B, C, D and E are in a mailing envelope and will head off to Vivian in the Yukon Territories tomorrow if I can make it to the post office. Now I will need to buy the next 4 charts before I can continue on this piece. I didn't get any of my planned finishing work done today due to my messing around with that blasted sock.

I will close with a Happy Birthday for my dad who turned 86 today. I love you Grampito!


Joanie said...

You can change his name. We did that with our golden retriever that we got through rescue. Her name was Motley and we changed her name to Crystal. She comes to Chrissy too. You just have to be consistent when you call him and give him a treat every time he acknowledges his *new* name.
Your *E* looks great as does the entire piece. TOO COOL!!!
Happy Birthday to your Dad from me too!

Tracy Baby said...

Cowboy is gorgeous ,I have a five year old fox terrier who is the most loyal little dog you could ever hope to find but he is also the bounciest little creature on the planet.Your alphabet sampler is beautiful.

lobstah said...

That cross stitch pattern is the cutest thing ever!

KarenV said...

Your CHS alphabets are looking great Patti! I get to start mine this weekend - can't wait :)