April 20, 2006

Birthday gift finally on its way

Today I took Jo's SBEBB Birthday exchange package to the post office to be mailed. My fingers are crossed that it will arrive in Maryland on time for her birthday on Saturday. Now that just leaves Aniza's birthday in September to think about. Plus there is the anticipation of it being my turn to receive birthday stitching at the end of July!

I've also completed about half of the stitching on my Melanie's Exchange piece. I think that I will try to refrain from signing up for any more exchanges for a bit so that I can do some stitching of my own. I still haven't finished E is for Elephant and I need to get those charts to Vivian so that she can have fun stitching them. That will be my top priority after my ME piece is done.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so thankful as it has been a very loooong week. I will be going down to NH to get my hair cut and colored and see my family. We will also be celebrating my BIL's birthday which was on the 16th, Greek Easter which is Sunday and my niece Ceci's birthday which is the 28th. Sounds like a whole lot of celebrating doesn't it? And I might just get to be able to stitch a bit with my friend Nancy - we haven't seen each other since September which seems like much longer.

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